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Large women looking for sex

Welcome to Fat over Sixty dating

Fat older womanWe originally started the site Saucyoversixtydating.co.uk back in 2006. Back then, we didn’t realise how many sexually frustrated sixty years olds there were in the UK. With such a huge amount of people all looking for sex, it became harder to find the perfect match when signing up to the site. In an effort to make it easier to find an ideal fuck buddy, we allowed people to filter their results with more detailed search options such as sexual fantasies. In other words, we actually made it possible to filter results down to women who enjoyed giving blowjobs, or going dogging.

This really helped people get in contact with their perfect match. After a while, we looked into what people were searching for. Turns out a huge amount of men were searching for larger ladies. Over 30% of the men didn’t seem interested in the slim, older women on the site. Then we realised, why don’t we just set up a site for the fat older women and the men who wanted to meet them. Without over complicating things, we decided to simply call the site Fat Saucy over sixty dating.

This had two great effects. It instantly reduced the amount of members on the original site, making it easier for people to meet their perfect mature sex contact and it also created a great dating site for people looking for plump women, over sixty.

Free Sign Up

Signing up to fatsaucyoversixtydating.co.uk is completely free. You are not asked to pay anything upfront, in fact, we don’t even take payment details. Once on the site you can spend as much time as you like looking through the thousands of 60+ BBW (sixty plus big beautiful women) on our site. The sign up process is quick an easy, with three simple steps, all we require is your age, a real email address and password. The reason for this is because this is an exclusive club that requires a basic membership. Even though we do ask for your age, you don’t have to be over sixty to sign up. All we require is that you are over 18. Whether you are in London or Glasgow; why not sign up and have a go?

Finding the perfect fat woman for you

Large GilfThis is all you require from signing up to this site. So how exactly do you filter through the thousands of women on our site and how do you know which one is the best for you?

The answer is our search facility. It allows you to filter down our members based on a series of things.

  1. The location of the place you would ideally like to meet.
  2. Age, yes we know your probably looking for someone over sixty but you might be looking for someone who is 62 or even 75. The choice is there if you need it.
  3. Appearance. Again we know you are already interested in meeting chubby matures, but say you prefer the blondes to the brunettes, this is the perfect time to say.
  4. What sexual acts you like to perform. So if you are interested in shagging these women up the arse, enter this in and we will only show you the women who like anal sex.
  5. What sexual acts you like to be performed on you. Perhaps you like blowjobs or rim jobs. If you have a particular fetish, you can also enter it here.

Once you have entered all your information, it should whittle down the women who have the most in common with you. At this point it is just a case of getting in contact by either sending a saucy message or a wink. The great thing is, by this point, you have so much in common, they are probably interested in meeting you too!